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Hey, Platinum Family,

Many doctors and CA’s, just like yourself, feel intimidated when it comes to implementing technology in their practice. You may think that it costs too much, your team won’t embrace the idea, you don’t have time to learn and train your team on a new system, or that you don’t know what is available or how it will help. Keep reading if you know that there’s room for growth!

 5 Tips to Leverage Technology in Your Practice:

  1. Assess 
    Take inventory of your current systems in the office. At your next team meeting, write down all the technology systems you are currently using and what they help your office accomplish.
  2. Determine
    What areas do you need to upgrade? What areas of your business are not covered by technology? What is your team wasting time on that can be solved by automation? (Too much time on the phone rescheduling appointments? Printing off paperwork and scanning it in?)
  3. Set Goals
    Set goals with your team and what you want to accomplish. What technology do you want to start implementing? Who will do the research on the new technology? When will you meet to make a final decision? Whose in charge of each aspect of the project?
  4. Implementation
    You have to start somewhere. Which team member will take the lead? Do you need to delegate or will you handle it? Who will train the team? Now that you have those details in place, it’s time to get started. Decide if you are going to jump all in, take on the new project in small pieces or have each team member tackle one part. The most important step is to get started. Avoid being an “information gatherer” forever and Let’s Go!
  5. Reassess
    One of the most commonly missed steps is to reassess on how the new technology is working for your team. Ensure that you are collecting and analyzing your data at weekly meetings and track progress. Oftentimes we don’t catch all the value because we aren’t approaching it in a systematic way. It is essential to track data and reassess to determine if you need to make more adjustments, if your implementation is working, and if you’re ready to take on more!


 A few things you might want to consider:

  • Is your team tech savvy? If not, you may want to break implementation into smaller pieces so it feels manageable.
  • Is the system designed for chiropractors or will there be workarounds needed?
  • Convenience = Compliance so examine how much convenience you are adding to your team and patients lives. The more convenient you make it for your patients, the more likely they are to stay on track with your recommendations.

Need a Goal Tracker? We’ve got you covered, download your SMART Goal tracker.

Interested in learning more about SKED? We were founded by a chiropractor, for chiropractors like yourself! Schedule a call with my amazing team today to learn how SKED can help you take those initiatives and launch your office further this summer.


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