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Welcome to the Solution Centre!

We are offering a behind - the - scenes look at your Platinum System Support team.

The Solution Centre, located in the beautiful island of Barbados, has provided over 15 years of exceptional technical support and customer service to clients from around the world. The support team consists of 15 knowledgeable and diverse representatives who handle over 5000 calls monthly and who are eager to find the best solution to address your needs. We aim to provide solutions for each client with minimal to no downtime. We understand the importance of having a functional software to carry out the day-to-day operations of the clinic, therefore our team supports each other which allows us to provide the best support to you, our customers. Through hard work and dedication to our clients, the Platinum Support team is recognized as one of the leading customer service centres in the industry.

Primary Objective

We strive to satisfy the needs of our clients and ensure the overall customer experience surpasses the client’s expectations. Each clinic has a unique query or demand therefore each day is never the same.

Overall, clients may require assistance with simple steps such as generating specific reports and running the index, or addressing user or hardware issues. In some cases, a resolution can be provided immediately. However, there are some instances where the issue is like a puzzle which requires time to investigate and resolve. While it can be challenging to determine how the puzzle pieces fit together, it is a great feeling to hear the client breathe a sigh of relief when a solution is provided.

Routine, Routine, Routine…

To accommodate our client’s needs, our team starts as early as 7:30 am EST. During this early morning period, support is normally provided for queries in regards to opening the clinic or addressing any issues that occurred overnight. We try to start the day with a positive mindset and speak to the clients with enthusiasm ensuring they can also start the day on a positive note and offer an experience that surpasses their expectations.

Team Work makes the Dream Work

Another component of the Solution Centre is our Sales Department who offers a unique opportunity to identify the needs of the potential clients. The mantra of our sales team is “Great things happen to those who do not stop believing, trying, learning and being grateful” by Roy T. Bennett. Armed with a vast wealth of knowledge of the functionality of the software our sales team ensures that the onboarding experience is an efficient and smooth first introduction to the Platinum System Software. This process helps us to pinpoint our clients’ specific needs and interests to make suggestions and recommendations for the various packages and features available.

Infact, the team takes pride in knowing a client is well cared for. Additionally, one of the most rewarding aspects is providing potential clients with the peace of mind, when choosing Platinum, you will receive the best service for your clinic.

Contact us, we are here to help!

We ensure all service requests via call, chat, or email are answered and resolved promptly. The Solution Centre maintains a call answer rate of 90% - 95% and trained representatives are always ready to assist. The 5% to 10% of missed calls are returned as soon as a representative is available. You can rely on the Platinum Support team to be by your side every step of the way. After many years of providing reliable and exceptional customer service, our representatives have built a strong bond and good rapport with our clients. This has led to numerous positive experiences for the support representatives and clients as well. Any agent will say the most rewarding feeling is to hear a client say, “You’re Awesome!” As your Platinum Support team, we understand how demanding the day-to-day operations of the clinic can be therefore we strive to provide a welcoming and uplifting experience to our clients. Do not be afraid to ask questions! There is no such thing as a stupid question, only arrogant answers. Your Platinum Support team takes pride in operating with honesty and integrity. With Platinum 2.0 on the way, we are proud to provide you with a team of dedicated representatives to assist you on your Platinum journey.


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