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Parker Orlando June, 2023


THE WCWC (2 minute) SPEECH - by Nadine Brunet, VP of Platinum System


Good day ladies!


My name is Nadine Brunet, 

I am the VP of Platinum System.


Before you ask me, my French accent is from Quebec.


I started working for Platinum System in 2000. 


At that time, there were only a few influential women in the software/technology industry.


I had the opportunity to be the product owner of the actual server-based software Platinum, the very first world class EHR system.


Therefore, it is important for me and the company to give back to women.


In 2023, we are celebrating its 20th year by developing our next generation cloud-based software called PLATINUM2.0.


Our principal objective with Platinum 2.0 is to facilitate the chiropractors and CAs daily operation by offering EHR/practice management software that is geared to maximize business success. 


Ok that was the marketing speech! Concretely, what does this mean?


Our engineers are building a product even more efficient than anything you have seen before by integrating business intelligence tools.  BI, AI, machine learning... 


These are new buzz words but may seem to be complicated or not concrete enough for most of you... 


Let me start over! 

I am sure that you want to improve your cash flow, retain your patients, and maximize your benefits. This takes time and requires complex analysis specifically when non structured data gets from different sources. Don’t worry ladies, Platinum 2.0 will give you back your time and will take care of it for you by:


  • Providing you relevant dashboards and key performance indicators (KPIs). No more headaches ladies! 
  • Presenting data in a visual and interactive format to help you to get a clear view of your practice. Graphs, actions to take, alerts, etc.  You get a virtual assistant! An easy one. 
  • Automating your long, repetitive or complicated processes. Thank you PS2.0 for saving me time!
  • Providing insights into the patient journey by tracking patient interactions and touchpoints across various channels. This helps understand the patient experience, identify pain points, and optimize marketing efforts at each stage of the patient journey.  More time to improve patient relationships! You deserve such good times! 


PLATINUM2.0 is the 360 degrees platform that you need. From A to Z, with just a few clicks, it will do all you need, from the moment the patients walk in, to when they leave.  What do you want more?  A dedicated team?  We have it! Our support team is incredible. Our 50+ agents that are able to answer right away over 96% of the calls coming in.  


PLATINUM2.0 is more than a software; it will be a great experience. Guarantee! 


You want to see more? Come to booth 201 and get a live demo! I also invite you to take a look at our brochure. 


It was my pleasure to be here today!

Keep in mind… Behind each great women there should be a Platinum 2.0.

Thank you!


Platinum System


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