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We're excited to take you on the journey of our new product development, and all the hard work our team is putting into it. Every month, we'll be sharing updates and progress reports on what we've accomplished so far as we get one step closer to the big launch. 

From innovative features to new designs, our ultimate goal is to deliver an exceptional product that exceeds your expectations. Stay tuned, and we know you'll be impressed with what's coming. 

Thank you for your continued support!


We are in the preparatory mode for the launch of the cash version of PLATINUM2.0. We have initiated an audit of our cloud infrastructure, as well as all the features of the application. Thanks to the feedback from our beta testers, we are putting the final touches on the UI/UX, i.e., improving the look of the interfaces, refining the flow, and adding a few missing elements. Get ready!


We presented PLATINUM2.0 to our support agents, sales representative, insurance billing agents and technical ressources. They were impressed! We get great suggestions to improve PLATINUM2.0 before the launch.

We are starting in May the integration of a statement of account and various reports, and we are still testing the new Superbill. We will also finalize several interfaces by optimizing the layout of the fields and the navigation. This is the final touch!  We continue working with SKED  to integrate their patient scheduling and communication software. The user experience will be so great!

The cash version should be available for LIVE use in June 2024.


The Quality Assessment (QA), a lengthy process to do it well!

Progress is being made on the development of PLATINUM2.0. We are finalizing the reconciliation function for patient payments on service and product transactions. The new Superbill is coming to life, and its appearance has been refreshed. We have made fixes to the touchpad functionalities and added filters to the appointment book so that you can quickly visualize missed appointments with justifications, no-shows, patients who checked-in, and regular or specialized appointments. The cash version of PLATINUM2.0 is coming to life. It is no longer a dream!

We are also working with a consultant on the UI/UX. There is something amazing coming!  Stay tuned. 

Our team is aware that you deserve a reliable and powerful product that will bring you beyond your expectations.  So, the Quality Assessment (QA) is a fundamental step in the road map of the development of our PLATINUM2.0. The QA is a process that is used to evaluate the product against predefined criteria, norms, or business rules. It involves the time and the discipline of various stakeholders:

  • Technical Lead

  • Product Owner

  • Quality Assurance Professional 

  • Internal Teams: Support, Service Sales and Marketing

  • Customer


Technical Lead

The code review, which is a crucial component, is conducted by a software engineer or a developer. He must investigate the source code of all programmers to ensure its quality, maintainability, and adherence to coding standards. This way, we reduce the risk of errors at the code level, ensure that any fixes can be made quickly, if necessary, and enable any application developer to go back to another programmer's code and continue the work seamlessly. This gives us flexibility and enables us to be more proactive. 

The Technical Lead is the guardian of the code.


Product Owner

The product owner must know all the business rules very well.  He performs user acceptance testing to ensure that the software meets user requirements and performs as expected.  He is responsible for evaluating processes, identifying defects or issues, and must maintain the focus on the MVP (Minimum Valuable Product) to prevent cost and time overrun. The MVP serves as a sort of Statement of Work (SOW) to which all stakeholders have agreed. It's all too easy to add new features during development and miss the target. The Product Owner is the individual responsible for keeping the team aligned.  It is the person who makes the final call and must make quick decisions.

It's the person with a focused mindset!  


Quality Assurance Professional

The Quality Assurance Professional is a detail-oriented person. He uses the application outside of the usual process to detect bugs.  He tests the software applications for functionality, usability, performance, security, and reliability. It is the person who tries everything. 

The Quality Assurance Professional is the party pooper of the team. 

Internal Teams: Support, Service Sales, and Marketing

They identify areas for improvement and mitigate risks to have a product that doesn't meet customer expectations. They ensure that no features are missing, that navigation between interfaces is efficient, and that the UI/UX is aligned and optimal. They are looking for an intuitive and pleasant user experience.

They are the eyes and ears of the team.



You are the final stage of the QA process. It is you who has the ultimate decision to accept or reject the product. We have our selected  team of beta testers  that will use and evaluate the software.  Beta testers play a crucial role in the development lifecycle by helping to ensure that the final product, prior to release, meets quality standards, addresses user needs and delivers a positive user experince. 

Welcome to our Team.


“As evident, QA is a collaborative effort. I've been a part of this team for Platinum legacy 1.0 for over 20+ years, and I take pride in being a member of the PLATINUM2.0 QA Team. Our dream product, built with immense love and respect, is on its way. You'll be compelled to come on board with us,” says Nadine Brunet, Vice-president at Platinum.



Great advancements have occured in the PS2.0 Dev World.   Find the full article story and update from Nadine Brunet, VP, in the PS2.0 NEWS of the website called "PLATINUM2.0 MVP Story and Update".

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We are progressing according to plan.  As of February 5, 2024, we have completed the following modules/features:
  • New UI/UX with modern look and improved navigation
  • Patient profile with several additions compare to Platinum 1.0
  • Group Management with increased visibility
  • Global Search
  • Quick add New Patient with the ability to copy the demographic information from another patient
  • Appointments ledger with visibility on past appointment status (missed, canceled, rescheduled, completed) 
  • Booking with multi providers view, overbooking management and quick availability lookup
  • Map booking generated according to the phases of the treatment plan or ad hoc. This feature has been greatly enhanced. 
  • Online Forms (templates or custom forms)
  • Event Manager (notifications, alerts, and tasks)
  • Financial Plan (Individual, Family and Membership) with capability to manage concurrent financial plans
  • Insurance Policies and benefits management with capability to set copay and deductible by category of CPT codes
  • Fee Schedules
  • Treatment Plans and Phases of care
  • Transactions ledger with several add on compared to Platinum 1.0. Visibility on ICD-10 codes, modifiers, and soap note, linked to the service line. 
  • Patient Journey (Z-List)
  • Enhanced and user-friendly Query Builder
  • Check In Station
  • EHR interface
  • Manual Billing
  • Automatic billing
  • Tests and Exam Forms
  • Some reports
  • Dashboard



It’s 2024!  We are now working on an offline solution expected to be available in early Q3 2024. This will enable our clients to continue working even if their internet connection is disrupted.

PLATINUM2.0 application notably includes the following features ready for testing (or almost):

  • Comprehensive patient management

  • Google address lookup

  • Multi-professional appointment book

  • Online appointment scheduling

  • Single-step appointment booking (map booking)for all planned treatment visits

  • Customized and online forms and questionnaires

  • Electronic health records and related functionalities

  • Improved query builder for report creation

  • Events manager (patient check-ins, notifications, scheduled tasks, etc.)

  • Patient Journey

  • Manual and automatic billing considering financial plan parameters, treatment plans, insurance policies, etc.

  • Chiropractic tests and personalized exams

  • Integrated payment platform

  • Online payments

  • Patient portal 

  • Patient self check-in

  • Appointment reminders

  • Missed appointment notifications

  • CRM platform: Marketing campaigns, surveys, etc.

  • etc.

To come Q1 2024:

  • Subjective Questionnaires

  • Appointment reminders

  • Integrated two-ways texting

  • Missed appointment notifications

  • CRM platform: Marketing campaigns, surveys, etc.

Over the next weeks, we will be collaborating with an external UI/UX team and a business analyst to finalize business rules and mock-ups for the insurance billing module. We're still planning to start development of the insurance billing module in January 2024.  It will be INCREDIBLE!

We anticipate the MVP to be completed as scheduled in Q1 2024, with the MVP+ version in June 2024. This latter version will offer a comprehensive and highly competitive product. We already have a waiting list for the installation of PLATINUM2.0.


We're in the alpha testing phase! Our agents were able to use PLATINUM2.0 without training. We also worked with two clients who've been using Platinum 1.0 (our legacy product) for over a decade. They were pleasantly surprised to find that PLATINUM2.0 differed in design and navigation from Platinum 1.0, yet it felt the same to work with. That was our goal: enabling a smooth and rapid transition. Moreover, they find it very swift. Ensuring a latency-free cloud product was a major priority at the project's outset.

Next Monday December 11th, we'll be testing our data import engine. Then we will commence the beta phase with five clients.

We're closely collaborating with an external consultant specialized in AWS and transitioning on-site systems to the cloud. Our AWS platform complies with HIPAA and SOC security standards. Penetration tests are scheduled for January 2024.


We are thrilled to announce that we have officially commenced the Alpha Testing phase for our new PLATINUM2.0 software. This significant milestone marks the beginning of a crucial stage in refining and enhancing the product to ensure it meets the high standards of performance, reliability, and user experience that we aim to deliver.

During the Alpha Testing phase, our dedicated internal team rigorously tests the software, addressing any issues, and collecting valuable feedback to further enhance its functionalities. This process is instrumental in shaping the final product and ensuring its seamless performance when it reaches your hands.


The development  team has begun its countdown to the launch of PLATINUM2.0, scheduled for February, 2024. Sprint 1 of the final stage began on September 25, 2023. This sprint will be devoted mainly to finalizing the manual billing functions for an existing visit or a new visit, adding a payment and reconciling a payment with existing charges. This sprint is important and it will allow the Beta phase to begin in October 2023. During that sprint, the work will continue on the events manager (alerts, tasks and notifications) and the form builder. Finally, there will be a lot of QA (Quality Assessment) during this sprint.


PLATINUM2.0 launch is becoming more and more concrete! We met three Platinum customers at The National FCA show in Orlando who excitedly agreed to become our first beta testers in October 2023. We've done several product demos and the feedback has been overwhelming. It's amazing! People are waiting for PLATINUM2.0 with great impatience!  There is still work to do! In September, we'll be starting an audit of the work done so far, testing navigation and business rules in particular.  We'll also be finalizing the UI/UX of several interfaces, to ensure uniformity of the look and fields. We will also be starting integrations with the following partners: Quickbooks, PostureCo, PostureRay, and WebExercises. Stay tuned. Excitement is on the rise! 


PLATINUM2.0 will be both user-friendly and powerful.  We're building the software of the future that will grow with your clinic, adapt to your needs and integrate technology.  Our 360-degrees solution will be visually modern and intuitive. We work with UI/UX designers to accomplish that.   But what does that mean? UX (user experience) and UI (user interface) are two interdependent terms. While UI generally deals with the interaction between users and computer systems, software and applications, UX deals more generally with a user's overall experience with a product or service. With PLATINUM2.0, we want to make your user experience as pleasant as possible and make it easy to welcome new members to your team without having to spend hours training them. With PLATINUM2.0, we want to save you hours of searching for information. With PLATINUM2.0, we want to bring you a smile every morning and peace of mind when you leave the clinic at the end of the day.  The countdown is on...


PLATINUM2.0 development is progressing well.  Patient-centric, the data are linked to the patient's journey: appointment code/status, services and products billed, soap notes, financial care plan, treatment plan, diagnosis codes, modifiers, etc.  This makes it very easy to reconcile relevant information from anywhere in the software and to generate tasks, notifications and alerts.  This contributes to minimizing the risk of errors and makes it easier to validate accuracy of the information. The next few weeks will be devoted to validating the business rules, since all the elements of the patient journey are ready to be tested.


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